Windows EP (2012) now available on all streaming platforms

I’m delighted to share with you that my 2012 EP ‘Windows’ is now available on all streaming platforms. 

Listen to ‘Windows’ here

Spotify / iTunes / Youtube

‘Windows’ was recorded with my friend Justin Cullen (AKA Frankenstein Bolts) in the Winter and Summer of 2012 and marked an important step on my creative musical path. The EP is sonically diverse and a reflection of the various styles of indie rock, heartland rock,  pop and folk which influenced my writing at the time.  A big thank you must go to Justin, whose keen ear and arrangement sensibilities helped pull the very best out of these songs (Be sure to check out his own website at the link above.)

Windows’ is an album steeped in classic Americana imagery which completely enthralled me as a teenager. These returning images and themes are present on many of the songs – the road, the girl, the night, and perhaps above all else, the concept of young romance and innocence, and their place and power within what can often be a suffocating world.

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