‘Songs of Healing’ Available Now

Songs of Healing’ is available now

Album Description (taken from CD Baby):
Cover + Titulos

The Irish musician’s latest offering exhibits carefully crafted, heartfelt and emotionally stirring songwriting, which incorporates his folk, alternative/indie rock and traditional influences.

Born into the coal mining community of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, song and story were woven into the fabric of daily life and were subsequently absorbed by the musician in his younger years. The voices and stories of everyday folk permeate throughout Colm’s body of work. His first song ‘The Deerpark Mines’ describes the return of an ex-miner to the ruins of his former workplace where he sits in solitude, sadness and memory, contemplating a way of life which has long since passed.

Stories are central to ‘Songs of Healing.’ The album sets an honest, reflective, yet optimistic tone as it deals with the tenderness and fragility of life, friendship and hope. Featuring many of the musicians he has worked with since moving to Germany in 2014, it’s fair to say that ‘Songs of Healing’ sees Colm move in new and exciting musical direction for 2018.

‘Songs of Healing’ liner notes in PDF format here

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