‘Songs of Healing’ – Album Launch, 2 June 2018 @O’Sullivan’s Original Irish-Gastro Pub

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My debut album ‘Songs of Healing’ is finally finished and we’re going to sing it into existence on 2 June at O’Sullivan’s Pub in Augsburg. I’m also excited and grateful to be joined on the evening by many of the musicians who performed on the album.

All are welcome to join us for what I hope will be a cracking evening! Entry is free, however due to limited seats we’d recommend making a reservation at O’Sullivan’s Original Irish-Gastro Pub

Gigs (March-May 2018)

Fri 16th March (with Attila and Friends)
Reese Garden                                                                  Augsburg, Germany
Sat 17th March (with friends)
O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub                                                    Augsburg, Germany
Sat 13th April
Speakers Corner, Schlosserwirt                                  Mering, Germany
Sat 5th May (afternoon)
International Kulturfestival Mering                          Mering, Germany
Sat 5th May (@9pm with The Po’ Monkeys)
Madhouse Musikkneipe                                               Augsburg, Germany
Tue 8th May (with The Po’ Monkeys)
Reese Garden                                                                  Augsburg, Germany


Latest Album News!

A cheeky celebratory beverage to mark the end of mixing and mastering my new album ‘Songs of Healing.’

A big ‘thank you’ must go out to Attila Tapolczai whose keen ears and commitment to the material has been a gift in bringing to life. I’d also like to thank all the musicians who feature on the album.

Exciting times with more news to come soon!!

Album mastering finsihed
Latest Album News

Colm and Shaun – The Usual Games EP (Remastered) now available as digital download.

Available for purchase at:

Delighted to announce that the remastered version of Colm and Shaun’s first EP ‘The Usual Games is now available for purchase on Bandcamp and streaming on YouTube. 

In June of 2014, shortly after moving to Augsburg in Germany, I met Shaun McBride playing at a street festival in the Altstadt. New in town myself, the sight of another Irishman was comforting,

What started as a chance meeting, soon developed into deep musical understanding, and more importantly, a beautiful and treasured friendship.

Between 2013 and 2016 I had started writing a collection of songs. Some of which I couldn’t complete, while others I felt needed a more mature voice which I felt didn’t possess and/or was uncomfortable with at the time. Shaun’s voice brought a toughened, but emotional life to these songs and his well-honed songwriting skills completed and improved the ideas that I’d began with.

In 2016, Shaun announced his plan to leave Augsburg and continue his European adventure. With only 4 week window of opportunity to work in, we set about recording and bringing these songs into the light with the help of Subsonic Coco at Studio 1 in Augsburg.

The EP was released in O’Sullivans Irish Pub on September 24, 2016.

With hindsight, time and a fresher ear, I was able to return to the original tracks, re-recording and re-mastering them individually, to finally bring the best representation of those songs to you.

I’d like to thank Shaun, whose friendship, patience, experience and musical ability have been a wonderful gift to me and all who know him.

Shaun, ”It’s a town full of losers, and you’re pulling out of here to win”

Colm Egan